Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I liked you but its time for us to get apart...............

On the way to Jaipur I decided I wont spend time with her this time......Two days passed I didn't saw her.While I was about to catch the bus to delhi I saw her again.There she was but I thought no mutreja no , control......I plugged headphones into the ear to divert mind and this is what I hear......

Lagi tumse man ki lagan lagan lagi tumse man ki lagan
dil tujhe doodndhe ,ghadi ghadi doodndhe
tere bin terse nayan........

ahhh.......now I cannot control I went closer and said bhai sahab "ek classic regular dena" and there she was in my hands.....what a relief............

On the way I thought may be I should write somethings about cigarettes bcos it is the thing which gives a smoker the best few moments of his day.So here I go with a few lines dedicated to ciggy............

My dear cigarette
I like u ,infact I think u r like a girlfriend to me.
Whatever u wear the red and white(Marlboro ) or the golden dress(classic) doesn't matter to me
You give me instant relief from stress although you are painful to me in the long run
The moment I think of you I feel like holding you in my hands
With you I always get your lovely friends as bonus(chloromint,happydent)
When I feel depressed I need u and whenever I feel happy I need u
Everybody says I should be away from you,you are not good for me but I like u
But without you everything looks boring in life
however there is one thing which is not common b/w u and a girlfriend
its that I would not like to share g/f with friends :)
Saying all that dear , I think its time we should stop seeing each other.
I know its hard for me while seeing u in the hands of my friends but this time I am serious .
There are millions of lovers dieing for u and most of them wud die because of u.
But Seriously once again from the bottom of my lungs I wud say I liked u................


Kshitij said...

It's high time now to quit ;-)

Anirudh Tiwari said...

good stuff dude!

Gaurav Singh Rana said...

bravo....u should read this book "notes to myself"..u r writing style and blog content are very similar to tht book.