Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ye recession hai mere bhai.............

The theory boy (who has a theory for everything) is really busy and frustrated these days.The reason being he has to work like an ass with no hikes, no appreciation , no motivation.And he knows
things are going to get worse but he can't help it.By the way you must have guessed who is the theory guy(it's me).One of my friend Anirudh rightly said about me that I have opinion and explanation for everything on this earth.So,two months back I came out with a theory when one of colleague was badly screwed due to overload of work and criticism from managers about few things.So I came out with a theory and proposed to few people,I said "Listen , you know in every s/w engg's life a time comes from when he gets badly fucked up, whatever he does goes against him,before he completes one task he sees three tasks piled up again and this is a vicious circle, he would feel like running awy from these rigmarole but he can't ,only thing he would do is to listen and work and work......and it would feel like a non ending period, but one day he would suddenly realise that things have got better and few days later he would be relaxed and watching soembody else going through that phase".I said it very easily but when I am myself going through that period, it feels quite annoying.
You feel like using "no" and "why" thousand times a day, but you can only say ok because you can't say no to things and that too in recession period.

And the poor mutreja went to delhi-6,still that kala bandar word is roaming somewhere inside my mind.Infact I think the movie was made for some kala bandars.

Oh even looking at my blog makes me more frustrated , So I am stopping here , may be soon I will come back with my usual chatpati general life humourous stories..........

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Aniketjain said...

abe i think its not just s/w job problem, this occurs in every profession , thee are times wen things are cruising easily and then there are hard times.. part of life i suppose