Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorry Not For Bachelors

Last week I heard this thing"Sorry Not For Bachelors" not less than 20 -30 times when I was in search of a new Apartment.I dont know if nobody is willing to rent their apartment to bachelors then where should the bachelors go.Maybe govt should come out with a "Bachelor nagar " or "Bachelor Vihar" sort of plan so that bachelors can stay bachelors.But luckily I got a decent apartment....:)

Actually last year it was the same scene when we had to find our previous apartment and that too in one day and as a true DCEite we have a knack of doing things at the last moment and that too successfully.So we did it last time.So this time we decided that boss enough of college type student attitude , now we are a bit professional ,we will do it in planned way.And we actually did it.We got an apartment 20 days in advance to our deadline.We were happy."Hum teen se chaar hone wale the,hamare beech ek naya mehmaan aa raha tha,hamara apna gupta,the real cultript jiski wajah se hum beghar ho rahe the".But I was bit worried that something would happen,I cannot do things in such a planned way.And yes It happened , on the very day we had to shift, our deal was cancelled(courtesy to Ani whose voice is bold that on phone it appears that he is shouting on you and the arrogant landlord couldnt take this )and we again had one day to find a new home.And we could not delay bcos the next tenants were standing in front of us waiting for us to vacate the apartment.

so the home hunt started.four of us were all over indirapuram.rewani at one society, me at another,ani with some broker and gupta somewhere waiting for our next instruction.Rewa and Ani were in a very shocked state but i was very normal since I knew this was gonna happen.
Most of the apartments where not for our kind of people(bachelors),somewhere there was no gyn, somewhere there was shared bathrooms,some apartments were far away.All of us where behaving like we were on a mission.One thing which is common in four of us is that we dont know how to handle brokerage deals.So while in meetings with brokers all of us used to get puzzled at brokers every question and we used to look at each other just asking each other after you.So when of any of us used to speak,rest of three stared at him and the poor speaker, with one eye on us(reading our emotions whether we are liking it or not) and other on the broker would mould his words accordingly.He knew either there will be praises or there will be "Gaalis."But overall allof us contributeda little bit and we finally made a decent deal.Kudos! to all of us.Then after heavy workload of shifting I am finaly partially settled in my new home ....................


Aniket said...

i didnt knew following thins prior to this blog :
1 : was i really the cause?????
2 : u always knew this was gonna happen??
3 : that u were so frustrated abt "
"being a bachelor"( actually this shud be the first point , it being ur headline)

aur saale itni mast start karke end mein thoda hadbadi kar di.. but a real nice feeling reading someone else's emotions after going thru the same emotions... gud work man !!!![:)]

Minshu said...

well...concentrating more on ani's third point...why r u so frustrated ... "Main hoo na " :P

and u know MASTER... WE still ve the best deal....!!!! [:)]

ankitkhetan said...

well, i was part of ths ordeal with u first time round. bt yes i nvr regrettd being a bachelor like u. likd ur idea of bachelor nagar. jst make sure it is nt densely populated by male species. nice read thru out, lambu ki mat sun . usse har cheez ko cricize karne ka keeda hai.