Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"You have to control your life and not allow your life to control you."

If u r somebody very close to me u would have heard this thousand times from me that "I m getting bore , kuch naya karne ko hi nahi hai".Infact I have got sick of saying this again and again.
So I sit down to think actually why it is that everybody around me seems to be so busy and I m getting bored.
Hence, I looked at things which I love doing and I have to do at any cost and surprisingly I came to know that if I would go out to get those things then for almost my next two years I have no time even to write these blogs(actually its bit exaggerated but u must have got the sense).So why the hell I get this kinda feelings of boredom.Does anybody else feel like this??.

I want to be the next Atif Aslam , started guitar 1 year back and can't even play even one song by him properly.But I don't have the time to go to any guitar class, rather I would sit at a nearby chai thadi on weekends to find out the cause of my boredom.

I envision myself in the next 3 years to be one of the core technical java professional but I don't have the time to explore the technicalities in depth . I work at double speed in office to save time putting pressure on myself and doing nothing with that saved time.

I rarely go home because I feel very boring at home because I have nothing to do over there.But in real there are hundreds of things which are there waiting for me.I go home , spend half of the time sleeping, half of the time roaming here and there and doing none of the work which I plan before going.And when I come back I feel trip was boring "4 din kuch kiya hi nahi'.

So,finally I think I have found out the reason behind "behind target by at least 1 year and yet feeling kuch karne ko nahi hai".And the reason is not that actually I dont like them (I would rather do these things non stop for almost........ ).The reason is my way of doing things . I always delay things to the next time(chal yaar kal kar lenge attitude aaj man nahi hai,kuch naya kerte hai).And every now and then I do some work , do very small advancement and then start something new.And within 1 week I have so many threads to work upon that all of them become a burden for me and I leave everything and start feeling bore and then again a new thread is born to overcome this boredom."main her cheez ke itne chote chote tukde ker deta hoon ki wo mujhe koi achievment hi nahi lagti".I seriously lack this go-getter attitude. I have to seriously change my way of living life in next year or so otherwise I would be in a very miserable state.I have to get control over the things that I am doing. "You have to control your life and not allow your life to control you".

I hope within next 10-15 blogs I would improve a lot and get some control over my blog contents too(I apologize to the readers for making them read such a frustrating blog but I m really frustrated right now

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