Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's gone and it's all because of me...................

Here I am sitting in front of my desktop writing this blog from Ani's laptop because at this point after seeing this screen of death for nth time(n>6) I have realized that it's gone.I don't know why I am getting so senti about my PC but may be it's because of the all the bad things which I did to it.

I still remember the day when I bought it , I cleaned the whole room myself so that not even a single dust remains there as I heard dust is not good for computers.Converted the dressing room into the computer room so that nobody disturbs me when I am on computer.My computer knowledge at that was like as sunny deol is to dance(didnt know even know how to start teh computer).Nobody could touch my computer even enter the room without my permission.My cousin came to spend his holidays at my home and dont even remember how many times I gave him those daedly stares to keep him away from computers,still regret that things.

When I went back to hostel the first and the only guy who was infact more excited about my computer (Rewani)also got the same treatment as my cousin(regret that too) but I was sycho about my PC.Then suddenly things began to change after 3rd year , The cabinet got opened up for the first time , 2nd time 3rd time and then forever.It became a house for all the experiments.Rewani got the pass to try out anything on it.Everybody was happy , I was happy , computer was runnning we were partyingThen one day speakers departed, otherday mouse, after some time keyboard.But I didnt spend a single penny on it.I somehow used to manage things from here and there and the Pc supported me .With at least 2kgs of dust inside it kept on running and playing "thekea te nit kahdke" and was my companion during placement and and final year masti.

After joining my job in Noida I didnt statrted it for first months. It was just lying there waiting for me boot it.And finally one day when I started it I found out that UPS passed away and I didnt even know but that bother me at all and I wont spend a single penny on this old computer.Finally I converted it into a TV and threw it away just in front of main entrance door.
But the PC didnt complain.changed channels using keyboard from my toes and completed the whole roadies.But one day when rewa told me computer is seriously down and i was like no probs i will manage it(RAM hila denge ,hard disk tight ker denge,bios dekh lenge chal jaega yaar dont worry , mera compu kharab nahi ho sakta)

But Now after even 1 month when I see at it I feel like I have murdered it.It cant even bear a single window looks like a old man whose son has betrayed him and he cant even walk properly.Moniter is flickering and I feel like it is shivering , turns sometime into black & white and it turns me also into that mode.Ihave done everything to save it changed RAM ,UPS ,hard disk but finally I have found out that its heart is gone the motherboard and CPU are gone and its all because of me.The more I see it the more I feel helpless .I know I can change everything but It would be another one not my old one ,I want my old PC back.

Can't understand why I am feeling like this .Also I don't know why didn't I care for it.
Something which was so close to me , supported me will end up this way , never thought of this.
Recovery opeartion is going on to get the it well soon but deep inside my heart I feel bad and I know its gone before its expected time and its all because of me............


ankitkhetan said...

mutte....tune mujhe galat raaste par chalne se bacha liya...after reading ur blog i have realisd tht i hav been doing same to my nw i hav decided to take care of it.....very well written...nice writing style

gaurav said...

abe saale ab to khush ho jaa....compu theek ho gaya.... n btw you need to do a spell check dude.

Kshitij said...

I distinctly remember fixing that computer numerous times and was disappointed to see your non-mention of my valiant efforts to bring it back to life every time it crashed in your post :(