Monday, September 22, 2008

Dont know who is right the bad one or the ghissu one!!

This was the moment for which I was waiting for last 8 to 10 days and finally I can say proudly(not very much) that I am a java programmer and that too sun certified.Yes ladies and gentlemen I have cleared the SCJP with 97% and actually I am very happy at this moment.And morever my desktop is back not with its previous tolerance limit but at least its running.And my cellphone(N70 (music edition , I always mention this music edition bcos I have spent few thousand extra bucks for it)) is with me after being moletsted by nokia care for one and a half months.I cant imagine they were doing with my cellphone.So much caring people they were not ready to give it back to me.

So the last week was really amazing.After writng few frusti blogs about my careless attitude and my declaration of improving myself, I finally somehow shifted on track.So I started with achieving one of my goals of being a SCJP guy.In fact I was treating SCJP like a chai biscuit.Whenever I used to find nothing in this world I would open that prep book and the non ending prepartion was going on and on and on........So finally I had to finsh it this week.I went through a practise test with a very low expectation of 80% and voila I scored 57% in it and I got fail."ohh ye kya main sochta thaapne baare me aur main kya nikala".These kind of situation are perfect for smokers to increase the numbers and I had a very big reason I got failed.Okk no need to worry one more test left at least I have to score 70% otherwise in the real exam the situation can get tight.So I really studied seriously and very hard for next three four days .But while you are preparing for an exam everything else in the world starts to appear wonderful.Even those c grade hindi movies turns into quiet an intersting feel like there are thousands of other things which are intersting and waiting for ur time and you are stuck with this damn boring exam.It happened with me but I kept motivating myself "mutreja ek din aur bus ek din padh le phir soch kitna acha lagega".So finally I took my next practise(I keep on repeating this practise word bcos I dont want you to think that It was my third attempt for SCJP ) test . I ahd to score more that 59 at least pass and yahoo!! I scored 64% this time and wait a minute , grade is fail again , oh shit this time cut - off was 80%.So with both my mocks gone I had not even seen the passing screen. I had no other way , two more days to go with two fail grade on my back I applied for two days leave from office.

On the first day of my leave i got up at 2.00pm in the afternoon and I felt like oh no half the day is almost gone.But how could I start my day or afternoon without chai.So I was on way to chai thadi . I ordered one special chai and that shana chaiwala gauged my tense sitaution and asked sir saath me milds ya regular. I stared at him (as I have earlier warned him not to ask for sutta.)
and said regular.So the study was on my old weak computer was trying to support me. It's Fan was making such a loud noise as if I was sitting with some tool cutting machine but the PC as usual supported me.Time to time as I was cursing me WTF r u doing WTF r u doing "kya karega 95 % laake 70 se khus ho le koi farak nahi padhta ghissu saale" but the ghissu part of mine was continously singing "bas ek din aur bas ek din aur". I decided that after each hour I study i would go for a chai and ... and it worked I studied for around 5-6 hours on both the days.Now who says i am not a motivated guy even a chai parle-G motivates me to study.

So the grand finale day came(I dont understand why these exam creator puts pressure on candidates by using these kind of words for the real exam. it looks as if was going for some battle). I got up , as usual ghisu bacha inside me was crying but still singing "bas 3 ghante aur bas 3 ghante aur" . And I again studied and when I was about to leave for the exam and I called at the center to confirm time, they said sorry sir today exam is not possible due to some server problem.Now it was the time for the real bad mutreja and he started cursing that ghissu part "saal tere ko bola that zyada mat ghis ab baith monday tak" .So the bad mutreja went for a booze party and he celebrated even before the exam......

Finally I went for the test today as few people were thinking that I actually failed and trying to hide things.So i at 3.30 pm I started my bike, kept on telling myself "mutreja koi nahi tattu exam hai phod dega tu , ye grand finale winale kuch na hota, just control ur emotions , ab tu badha ho gaya abhi bhi exam se darta hain " on the whole way. And seriously when I reached the center I was damn cool!! and after seeing the questions which were very easy and mostly from dumps , the fight between ghissu mutreja started again "bad mutreja:tere ko bola tha paper easy aaat hain phaltu me do din lagwaai
Ghissu mutreja:beta ye main tha jo aaaj chill maar ke paper de raha hain and "
and they continued fighting and I was out of center with 97% and yes I am vey happy today.....................and writing this bolg as I already had the celebrations on saturday:D


Deepesh Rajpal said...

SCJP .. Sounds Coool .. :)

Kiran Shigli said...

Dude, can you share the scjp dumps you've used?

ankitkhetan said...

first of all congrts mote...dont knw hw big tht is an achievement bt seeing tht u studied fr 5-6 hrs for 2 days for it makes it clear tht u were really desperate to crack it. NOW let BAD MUTREJA take over for few days....GHISSU MUTREJA R.I.P
nice blog

Anirudh Tiwari said...

oye congrats SCJP!

Kshitij said...

congrats ... for some reson my browser always showed one of your old posts as new and I thought you had stopped writing htese!