Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meri Zindagi sasti ho gayi hai aur jeena mehanga

Don't worry I m not going to torture you with one of my frustrated thoughts over here.The heading is like this because....... I will let u know but its not related to the context of the blog.So where should I start after receiving congratulations for my last blog about SCJP from few of my readers but everybody misunderstood the context and just congratulated me.So, to those guys let me tell you its not a big achievement ,it was just that I was so happy(sometimes everybody gets happy even without any reason) that I wrote it that way that it looked as if I was writing a blog on mine clearing SCJP but context was something else.And yes If you are reading it and you are feeling that this blog is going to a lengthy one.Just stop here , comment your thoughts(curse me , abuse me do whatever ) and go away but please do not come to me personally( until and unless u dont know how to post comment to say "saale itna lamba blog kyon likhta hai" ) but I can't control word limit, my vocab is bad , I dont get those words which makes up for 4,5 words.And moreover my overflowing thoughts are always there.

So, on wednesday night I suddenly I left for Jaipur and as expected I was standing ticket less surrounded by sutta hating uncles and some hot chicks all waiting for tickets at 11 pm at bikaner house(all of us were ticket less).And those chicks have no idea of how to reach jaipur, Jaipur to them was bikaner house so I suggested them that you can go to ISBT if its urgent you will definitely get a bus from there . and they said Oh no! those khatara gandi buses we can't go on it to jaipur, how people travel on it.And I was like "tumhari m** ki aaj tak main usme hi aata tah aaj pehli baar idhar aaya hoon aur mere saamne hi tu ......., chup ker jaa".Finally they disappeared after few moments but they fueled me that from today onwards I will go only on these buses and I got a ticket finally at 11.30 pm.I entered the bus and what I see was another chick(not a hot one) besides my seat.Flashback started in my mind goyal and noni saying "mutreja travel on this AC buses you will get a decent co-passenger instead of those anti sutaa uncles and dharuhera guys and my reply to that saale faltu ke 300 rupey barbaad kerne ko nahi hai mere pass".I came back from flashback and started thinking how should I start the talks.As in last 5 years I have realized that I am a nightmare co-passenger for anybody.May be my grandma's lesson of not talking to anybody you dont know in trains and those warning "apne smaan ki rakha swayam kare , aapke saath wale yatri se kuch khane ko na le , wo khana nasheela ho sakat ahi" has a great on my mind.So i never talk never, I would just say only one thing "jara side honge".But this I had to talk, but I dont know what should I say.So, I stared planning what to say , it took me 10 mins, then I thought I should look outside for few moments and then loo at her and say that dialogue otherwise she would guess that I wanted to talk from the first momnt I entered the bus. So i started looking the other side and seriously and I never felt this much tense in last( i dont know how many years not in front of my HOD , not in front of my manager) and when I turned to say after another 20, 30 mins, WTF! WTF! she was asleep.
Cant explain how terrible I felt.And after few terribly low moments I also went to sleep thinking its better not to talk to people you don't know while traveling..

I have some more(in fact very much) to write but I will keep this one short and will write more in the next one(I am sounding like there are thousand of readers who have requested me to keep my blogs short but the truth is there are only two or three persons). Chalo b bye for today but I will complete my journey in next blog..............And ya the heading is a dialog for movie Sunday which I saw on Saturday and I liked it and I don't have any good heading to write so I have written this..Gustaakhi Maaf!!!!


paritosh said...

Too much planning really ruins up things :D.
Anyways, you are growing up as a nice writer.
Go ahead with Keep off the grass II :D

Aniketjain said...

good one dude.. never mind.. next time. ab toh waise bhi tu volvo mein travel karega hamesha.. aur kya baat karni hai woh bhi tu soch hi chuka hoga.. oh next time done wait . [:)]

Gaurav Mutreja said...

Nahi dude I have discussed it with Rewa and I found out that I am totally a desi boy . While people go into the cafe at mid-way I go outside at those tea stalls and there I feel the best part of my journey . So main hamesha nahi travel karoonga, only once in a while.

rahul said...

Thats a great post. I've come upon you're blog after a while now and its amazing to see how much better your writing has become. One thing I love about your writing is the candor with which you write, please continue writing!

PS. When you meet someone new, no point trying to think of the perfect thing to say. Just say whatever comes to your mind and take it from there:-)

Anirudh Tiwari said...

no comments!!

comrade said...

as you told me to read last of ur blogs , i had
kuch achchca likh yaaar still ur writing with the same soul (theme ) i.e frustation kuch naya
different then it will be fun to read
jyada main nahin blolounga nahin to just like last time u will be on fire

comrade said...

but this time some quality was in the matter but just a lil bit

comrade said...

and wat iz that wtf
i didn't catch it