Saturday, January 24, 2009

The average boy theory

The boy was very confused and frustrated about the things happening in his life.He could not understand why everything were demanding lots of effort while sometimes back he used to achieve things effortlessly.Suddenly somebody came and asked him about his well being?Then Bhatia(the person,believe me he has reason and information about everything on this earth) told the boy one of his theory,he said there are 3 kinds of people in this world:

first one are those who are awesomely talented , who can achieve whatever they want with minimum of efforts,this is the best category and they enjoy their life to fullest.

second one are those who have no talent at all and they know it and they do not fight for things as they know they can't , they are hopeless and even they enjoy their life

and the third one which is the worst category is the average category, these are those people who know they are not hopeless , they have potential but they wont get things easily , they have to fight for everything , they wont get things without putting ample efforts and these people spend major part of things fighting for things because they know they can and they dont enjoy enjoy life as much.

Now the boy came to realise that for some unknown reasons his life has shifted to third category from first, he used to be among first category but with same amount of efforts as theirs he was not able to deliver.So, he started to collect evidences abut his being into the average category,some of evidences he found are
1.the boy was able to enter a top 10 engg. college but with hell lot of effort and after that he never did anything great , and at the end joined an average company studies he was always average in class

3. in sports he was average (average batsman , average bowler,average vollyball player, tt player) it was not that he was bad but he was not brilliant in any
4.In music its not that he can't play guitar , he cant play any song ,he plays "papa kehte hai" very well" but he cannot proceed ahead , he knows he can but again huge effort required

5.looks wise the boy is average neither salman nor tushar kapoor

and many more.......................................

the boy finally realised that he was an average guy and he has to accept that he wont get things effortlessly

So, average boy is fine with his life and ready to put efforts its just he is stilll seraching for the goal.


Gaurav Singh Rana said...

bravo bravo ....hhehehehhe...nice philosophy....bas aise hi apni frustu story likhta rah so tht others can relate with u.....nice

Aniketjain said...

there are three kind of people,
1 . One who doesnt try things
2. Second who try things but doesnt continue
3. who start , keep on the good work and eventually do great

i really love the way your writing has evolved over the time.. GR8 going buddy ..keep it up.Really liked the way you hav put up your ideas , i enjoyed a lot reading it. i could relate things. And yes, you have a regular reader now..
take care