Thursday, January 1, 2009

There was something really New in this Happy New Year

This new year could not have been better than this.Last year ended in a memorable way with me and my friend Dd roaming at atta at around 1.00am in a chilling night . People were dancing on roads and we were enjoying our coffee with fog all around us Awsome! Awsome!.And the first day of the year was also good one with me spending most of my time with person i love the most (myself)in my flat .But it ended in an unforgettable way. With me and Dd enjoying our lavish dinner we were again lost in the fog around 11.30 to 1.00 am.We shared our childhood chutiyapas and I found most of those things very amusing.So we went back to recollect our childhood passions and we found that were very common.Some of them are

1.catching those dragon flies
2.collecting money in our gullaks
3.that diwali pataka pistol
4.dhanush baaan of ram laksham during dusshera time
5.searching whole day the best name stickers for our notebooks.
6.the anxiety to know what's inside the Almira in grandparent's restricted entry room
7.the frustration of summer holiday homework.
8.passion for cricket(even I used to remember stats of kenya bangladesh match)
9.our role models naagraj and super commando dhruv
10.and my lady bicycle and my 3 stroke priya scooter (in which i never experienced 2nd gear I always though there were two gear because after first it automatically used to switch to 3rd)
and many more...................

So although the first 3 quarters in last year were nothing good but in last quarter I finally was able to change few things . Got good control over my sutta (still not zero), got a bit responsible towards family , and the end of the year made a rule to buy something for myself every year (last year it was bike and cell phone and this year a laptop) , got bit positive in attitude towards things.

That's it
Happy New Year

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Gaurav Singh Rana said...

dude ..wht can i say ..thnx 4 this post..i felt nostalgic...thnx again