Saturday, January 10, 2009

There is a reason behind everything and behind that reason there is definately something

Just one of my another effort to gather people at my blog by putting some complicated catching heading but while writing that i feel this is one of my own phrase but something in my mind also tells me may be i have read it somewhere.

So , I have decided that now onwards my posts are going to be bit like me i.e is serious and confused with my usual jokes scattered all over.I am getting bored with the kind of blogs I am writing these days.I thought may be I got diverted from why I started the blog.So let me start without wasting much of my wee hours sleep.

Generally January is a very a mentally tiring month for me every year(sometimes I wonder from where do I get this mentally tiring month sort of concept ).The reason being my bday is on 8th march , so everything I plan to do in year comes down to jan feb march.I have to reduce more than 10kgs , i have to start reading newspaper daily, i have to quit sutta completely, control daru , all this things on these 2-3 months.Half of time goes in planning my routine rather than executing one or two properly(and look how smart I am, I know , I am writing but still I am doing it).Apart from that I am preety tired with this IT industry(fed up is more suitable than tired).EverydayI wake up and I feel like fir office .I am seriously missing those breaks after each semester, i feel very pity that why I cannot go for a two month vacation somewhere.Then I literaly advice myself to be practical and accept that college life is over.It's society,family,industry,money but where is my student life. Is it over.MS looks two much planning thing to me,MBA is not my cup of tea.And the best part is whole college life when I had tons of different things to study,I never ever got inspired to anything and when I have a job which does not require anything great , I feel like doing something but don't have time nor any reason.I can see time running , but i cant see where I am going . I cant even envision where I will be 6 months from now(infact i don't want to see that because it will be like just another day).
I seriously miss my college life wherein I had the freedom to do what I wanted(apart from that haunting ACA end sem paper night , and that alternator chapter where I spend the whole day studying somplex fundas behind alternator and when somebody asked what is an alternator I was blank , seriously great days great memories , getting bit emotional now so stopping)

And I know its very boring comment on blogs,I myself do it very rarely,but if you read it you have to because I know you have the time to see a porn mail more than three times but no time for comments.

Chalo bbye, thanks for the reading my frust story


Gaurav Singh Rana said... is really pessimistic post yaar ..cheer up ...there r many things to do in life..take me ..i am learning swimming and guitar u have free time..pursue or hobbies...u ll feel gud

dheeraj said...

oye hathi
meri man gre cat jaye marane tu aaja dono bhai mil ke ias ki taiyari kar letey hain

Gaurav Mutreja said...

saale do minte ek jagah g****d tikti nahi aur IAS ha ha ha

aur haan niche wala blog padh tera naam mentioned hai usme apne new year ke baare me hai........