Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My journey from delhi to jaipur.........

For the last 5 yrs I have been traveling frm jaipur to delhi and delhi to jaipur and there is this thing which always irritates me and it happened again.As usual I reached the bus stop and was waiting for the bus and after 45 mins it seemed liked bus would never come.Meanwhile I was talking to few uncles who were also frustrated like me.All the uncles were talking to me like ok.. what a sincere guy,so polite ,in short a perfect gentleman.Then just to relax myself I went for a smoke and that too in some corner and from that moment I was like a gangster over there.Everything seemed to change and they were looking me at me like I just murdered someone.I have experienced this thing for at least more than 10 times and situation gets worse when uncle has a daughter with him.Now u r like a vulture.Then uncle would create a circle of say 5m around him and he would do every possible thing he can do to stop u from entering that circle .Even u shift by 1m he wud shift by 2m.I dont understand how a ciggarate can turn a good guy into a bad one.I know its harfmul for health.But it dosen't mean people who smoke are not good person.Seriously can't understand....


Kshitij Gupta said...

m amazed u still using the cigarette after so many not all cigarette suckers are bad..but if u suck one with uncle and his daughter by his side...then u sure are one..
Good to see u spill things out...keep spilling..

Happy said...

Isliye kehta hoon dost sutta chhod de
:-) .. Jawani mein hi marr jayega fayda kya hai, aur uncle bhi apni beti ke nazdeek nahi aane denge ;)

Anirudh Tiwari said...

great start dude!!

comrade said...

1. one reason may be ur mouth is stinking badly after sootta.
2. Another reason is habits ingrained in our brain . I n our culture gentleness and politeness are connected with innocence. And as u know comes with utr habits and activities u do, as u see a child who is playing and u see his /her innocence .
So as u have said they admired u for ur above those characters Bcoz on a way u were behaving inocent to them but da moment u lighted dat cigg. (the activity of smoking)that overlapped ur innocence and so u r no longer innocent . So, in a way they are right in distancing themselves from u in there own weird way .
And if they got daughters or son with them ,then to isolate u is very much urgent , bcoz as u have said smoking is bad so they want to show there progenies that smokers are very much alienated and society doesn,t accept them muchand they won,t be tolerated so beware b4 smoking and don.,t get into the company of Smokers, u may also get the same treatment .
3. Last, may be they don,t like u , they r just covering themselves by speaking Sweet and nobody likes u , when u smoked they just got a reason to hate u
So, Mr. Gaurav Mutreja
this iz all Snakes and ladders

Gaurav Mutreja said...

Hey dude,just one Thing I would like to mention here is that there is a bright and dark part to everything.Right now what I guess you are only looking on the dark part of these blogs.And you can put thousands
of illogical comments for those blogs.But mind you are missing on brighter part.Loss is your's
For ur answers
1.Nobody is as stupid as you may be that he wont have any chutki , chewing gum after having sutta.

2.Even I was bewildered why the hell a smoker loses his innocence .And this was the whole point of me writing the blog.

3.and third thing I am smart enough to understand people(not sure about u)whether people r covering or not.If they would have beencovering i wuld have mentioned them.

So before u get urself completely lost in the darkness try to find some sort of light for urself.