Sunday, July 6, 2008

What is actually a "Best effort"

Friday Night, four college friends and there is nothing more you require
for a party.So, the party was on ,"Dil Dance Maare " was going on, and as usual in balcony three of us(me,Dd,and Rewa) we shifted to our philosophical discussions , confessions .So the topic was what do we consider a best effort for ur goal.Infact I use this term and hear from friends "yaar is baar to best effort nahi diya next to pakka doonga " quite often.So what is a best effort?Generally we tend to measure our effort level with the time we spent but I dont think effort has all relationship with time.While saying that it wasn't my best effort we compare our recent effort with a very unrealistic sort of effort in which we were studying 15 hrs a day, doing nothing else other than that apart from eating and daily routines.And it is actually very easy to say bcos we know that we just have to say and not implement.Infact I can count on 100's of movie which i missed while I was preparing for something and missing a single movie for ur goal is a damn good effort but still I say "yaar best effort nahi tha" and the reason being not comparable to my dream effort plan.So again "what is actually a best effort" .According to my experience a best effort is one in which the intensity, motivation to get ur goal was same on the day one , day 45 , day 105, and till the last day.Nothing to do with time management plans.

Therefore next time I would say anything about my last effort I would just think of intensity and motivation during that period.

And yup I can say I gave my best efforts to write this blog.......:)


Anirudh Tiwari said...

I truly agree. Turning philosophical hmmmmm ;)

comrade said...

the way u r saying best effort it means "get the better of Effort"not the "supreme Effort " u want to imply. U want ur Effort to b Supreme. u said u sacrificed something but this means u want to say u have not Exploited urself very well not Best Effort . Both r different things
Best Effort is the achievement u have got and purely Exploitation is u r way to achieve da Aim
If u get through ur AIM its ur Best Effort
kuch Samajh main aayyya
Please Forgive My English as Hindi IS my Mothertongue

Gaurav Mutreja said...

Good to hear ur comments but buddy I think either you were in hurry or I m a poor writer.Infact you have introduced a new term "supreme effort".Aur kuch samajh nahi aaya.we will take it offline sometime.keep posting ur invaluable comments!!!

comrade said...

write some more goodies yaar its truly good

Kshitij said...

ah ... this so feels like the endless discussion we used to have back in DCE! Almost reminded me of, at time pointless, discussions which streched over hours without any conclusion! Nice to hear from you again Mutreja anyways!