Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The sale season is on.After returning from movie "jaane tu ya .........jaane na" showed me his new Lee denim collection which he bought in Sale.And I was like shocked ,what! when! where! which brand! the SALE has started.So, I decided that I m going to the Sale tomorrow.

Next day , along with my coding I was also doing some another important work I was preparing the list of things which I would buy.I was so excited that I announced in my team meeting that I would be leaving early.So what should I buy a jeans, floaters,a bag ,no! no! its over my budget, a floaters and bag ya, oh no infact a jeans and a t-shirt .....................................................
So finally at the end of the day I got so tired and exhausted that I didnt have the energy to go to my bike.But My colleague was asking me again and again when r u leaving and it was not his mistake bcos I reminded him "hurry up I have to leave early" at least 100 times that day.So how do I escape .Fortunately it started raining and I felt like God is helping me ,I came back and said oh no! its raining how can I go.And I didnt go that day and continued with my useless stuff which I do daily.

Next day,the same story continued I again announced that I wud be leaving early but t te end of teh day I was in the same situation.And there was no rain .So I had to left for ATTA market.While going I was cursing myself all the way that why the hell I am going .I need to attend the gym ,make myself fit rather than shopping.But my bike reached atta finally.

As usuual I didnt find anything good to buy,the frustration level even got higher.Then I dont know why I entered into Nike with a hope that I wud at least get a decent bag.I just jumped into the bags section and ya this is the bag I want.Suddenly the frustraion seemed to be vanishing and I very politely asked the salesperson over there "how much discount" on this one.He looked at me suspiciously and said "sorry sir nod discount on bags".And I again went into the state where I was.But I didnt to show that guy that I was so terrified with no discount.So I continued checking out more bags as I was just normal but I wasn't .Then after few moments that guy again came and said "Sir do you want laptop bags", I said a very big no as I was very sure wat I was doing but I was thinkinh nothing just cursing myself , the he said why r u looking at laptop bags.I felt so humiliated , I didnt even look at him and I just came out.

Finally I decided to atleast buy a t-shirt. So now this time I entered "woodland" I just picked up one t-shirt and went into the trial room.And in front of the mirror I was again in a conflict mode ,
One part of mind was saying u have to buy this one , u have come so far and wont buy a single thig in this big Sale and the other was saying"Mutreja soch le its just a comprise , the collection is not so good ".I didnt look at mirror properly and I came out of the trial room and went to the the cash counter and said again enacting to be very sure "pack this one".there were few people queue before me so I had to wait and unfortunately I got few minutes to think again.So as I got my turn I changed my mind but how do I ask him not to do the billing,there r people behind me watching me , oh no wat to do. I just said him ohhh I have to attend a call and I was out of showroom in a flash.

After that I didnt go anywhere(I was completely frustrated with what I have done) , just returned straight to office and decided that I would never ever get excited about this Sale ad would never go if I would not feel like going.

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paritosh said...

That's why I say you are too emotional to do certain things :).