Sunday, July 20, 2008

Those were the best days of my Life.........

Life is I don't know going which way. There are thousands of threads running in my mind.So , I started another thread to find out the times in my life when my mind was working on single threads.

So, First one I found out was when I was In muzaffarpur(my birth place) in class 4th,5th ,6th.I used to go to play cricket in a nearby Jila school.I used to play with college guys .They never wanted to include me but looking at my chubby , cute , and eyes full of passion they used to include me.So I was always placed at such a position where ball would almost never come.And I so enthusiast that after every ball I would come to stumps saying come on! come on! shabaash! shabaash! and then run back to my place. I hardly used to play more than 3- 4 balls as I was permanent no 11 and never got bowling.Then after that I would come back home drink a huge glass of milk then analyze my game at night and in school time next day.Cricket was the only thing in my mind.Sometimes My Mom used to send my home tutor to the ground to bring me back and the poor tutor didnt want to lose his job.So he used to run behind me in the ground almost begging please ghar chalo!

Then again in my 8th class in jaipur I got cricket addiction.I used to get up at 3.30 in afternoon and then wore my favorite black jeans , black tshirt ,black belt and sport shoes.I had a hero impact which was so slick that I hardly used to adjust myself on that.Then I would reach the ground first as usual .Nobody used to be there so i would to go everybodys home and rang doorbell ,Their mother coming out staring at me (almost saying why the hell you come everyday ) and I used to say "aunty lalit hai".And after that cricket , cricket and cricket.

To be continued in my next blog..............

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